Animated hockey drills
Playname: 3 on 2 - backchecker
Key Points:    HEAD UP
                    Pass puck while moving
                    Accept pass while moving

Set up a complete forward line & and
a defence pair, and a back checker
lined up behind the centermen.
On the whistle the drill starts , the back checker starts on the coaches command.

Start the break out,  pass the puck, criss cross attack the neutral and offensive zones with speed.
The goal is to get a good scoring chance
breaking in 3 on 2 with a back checker
coming back to help out the defence. Once the back checker arrives it's now a 3 on 3 battle. Play this out until the puck is either cleared or a goal is scored.
Once that happens all 6 players skate
FULL SPEED to the red line, get back in
to there respective lines.
Drill submitted by: Shawn Arial

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