Animated hockey drills
Playname: Breakout variation
This drill is a variation of the basic breakout drill except that it turns into a 2-on-none.

1.  Player 1 rims the puck to player 2
2.  Player 3 loops down below the hash marks
3.  Player 3 starts skating out of the zone
4.  Player 3 receives pass as Player 3 curls and starts breakout
5.  Player 2 passes to Player 3.  Player 1 on his way out.  

note: Player 4 is already making his way to the wing for the next group.

6.  Player 3 feeds a pass to Player 1 breaking out.  Another variation is that Player 1 can come inside the pylon and then cut to outside with a tight turn.

Note: Player 2 making his way to centre's position for next group
7.  Player 3 and Player 1 play a 2 on none.

Note Players in position for next group.
After shot, Players 1 and 3 get back in line.

Make sure you do the drill from both sides.
Drill submitted by: John Tremblay
Sub category: Passing

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