Animated hockey drills
Playname: 1 on 1 - extended
Defense are at center ice with the pucks.
Forwards are split up into the 2 adjacent corners.

1. The D go to the pylon and make a pass to the forward and pivot around the pylon and prepare for a 1 on 1.

2. Forward receives the pass and goes in on a 1 on 1.

Key is to make a nice hard pass.
-timing is important for the defense.
-D should work on closing the gap and taking their man to the outside.

-work on taking the outside, faking/deeking the D and protecting the puck.
Variation for all 1 on 1 mirrored drills

1. After 1 on 1 is complete the F receives a pass from F line and skates with the puck to the far end.

2. D from far end skates up ice and pivots playing opposite F in the 1 on 1.
Drill submitted by: Dan Trepanier
Sub categories: Defense 1 on 1, Offense 1 on 1, Passing

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