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Playname: 2 on 1 w/backchecker
This is a good drill to forwards on passing under pressure.
Defense on playing a 2 on 1 with back checking support.
And a good conditioning drill, players are almost constantly moving and uses the full ice.

Line up forwards in all 4 corners.  Defense lines up at one side of the red line.

Start with a 2 on 1 from one end, and send a third forward as the back checker after the first 2 forwards clear the zone.

Play the 2 on 1 until the first shot.
The back checker breaks to either side at the far end.  

The forward in the corner that the back checker breaks to makes a breakout pass, then he will become the back checker, the forward in the opposite corner jumps into the 2 on 1 rush, and a new defensive player jumps into center ice to play the 2 on 1.
Drill submitted by: Peter Saviola
Sub categories: Passing, Defense, Conditioning

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