Animated hockey drills
Playname: D skate - 1 on 1
Players Line up as shown - go on whistle.

1. F has to go around the pylon and take a shot, than pick up a puck in the corner and turn up the ice.

2. D have to touch the boards, pivot and skate backwards around the pylon as shown.

3. 1 on 1 only use half ice until past the blue line.

Absolutely no cheating by F or D.
- Make sure the F are taking a good shot.
- Make sure the D go around the second cone - no exceptions they need to go hard.
Adjust the D pylon accordingly.

- The D should just be arriving on time; this drill is designed to push their limits.
- If they are getting there too early than push the pylons back a bit.
- Only push the pylons up if they are really late.
Drill submitted by: Dan Trepanier
Sub categories: Skating, Shooting, Defense

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