Animated hockey drills
Playname: Continuous cycle
Players line up on top of the face-off circle with pucks on top of both face-off circles.

1. Player 1 carries the puck around the perimeter of the circle as shown into the corner. Player 2 skates towards the face-off dot as shown.

- Here, technically the player in the corner would have 2 options -pass to the man in the slot or cycle the puck back, however this drill works on the cycle.

Make sure the players go to the slot first and they don't simply follow the player into the corner.
2. Player 1 banks the puck along the boards and goes to the net. Player 2 should react to the pass, pick up the puck up along the boards and look for the pass back to player 1.


Make sure player 2 reacts to the drop pass.
3. Player 1 shoots and goes to the top of the other face off circle where the drill will be repeated after everyone has gone.
4. Player 2 continues around the circle as shown and receives a pass from player 3 and the cycle is repeated as explained earlier.

This continues and after the last player (player 5) makes the pass, instead of going back around the circle they go to the other circle and receive a pass from player 1 and the drill is repeated from the other side.
Drill submitted by: Dan Trepanier
Sub categories: Puck control, Passing, Skating

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