Animated hockey drills
Playname: Back & swing
The aim of this exercise is to encourage players to pass the puck back to defense when the slot is overcrowded.

Another aim is to practice swinging the play to the other flank to confuse opposing defenders.

The Left-winger will skate round the pylon before returning to his starting point.

Coaches to stress on keeping their heads up while skating.
Upon reaching the line, pass the puck to the Centre or Defender.
Left-winger moves in centre while puck is played to Right-winger.

In tandem, Left Winger moves in towards net and a pass is made onto his path.

Left-winger moves in for the kill (one-timer).

Players will rotate positions to give them a feel of the court.

Coaches can add opposing defenders to create a more stressful environment for players.
Drill submitted by: Mohamed Faizal
Sub categories: Puck control, Skating, Offense

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