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Playname: Pass off boards
Players line up as shown and this is done at both ends of the ice at the same time

Here's a drill to help kids improve on picking the puck up off the boards and showing them that that there is more than one passing lane when an opposing player is in the way.

1. P1 passes it to P2 and skates up ice.

- P2 ensures that they are at least 5 feet behind P1
2. P2 returns the pass by using the boards behind P1.

- ensure P1 picks up the puck off the boards and does not turn around to pick up the puck
3. P1 then drops it back to P2 and they repeat this until the far blue line.

4. At the blue line they will go in on a 2 on 0, crossover, drop pass etc. let them be creative.

- start off slow then you can add pylons where you specifically want them to pass
- make sure players are alternating positions as the passer and the receiver
- switch sides
Drill submitted by: Dan Trepanier
Sub categories: Puck control, Stick handling, Skating

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