Animated hockey drills
Penalty kill
Playname: Protect the lanes
Key Points:
• Do not over commit
• Stick in the passing lane
• Prevent the pass into the slot
• Keep puck on perimeter

Puck starts on left wing half boards.
Winger and two defenders move puck back and forth forcing defender to adjust.
The defender does not attack puck but just keeps it outside.
The slot man keeps moving with puck so as to create a passing option.
Defender in slot must isolate the opposition slot man.
This drill is an introduction to the patience and stick positioning required on PKs.

The 4-on-2 setup is used to stress the 2 defenders.  They have to be more active in their movement and recovery of positioning.

You can add a second group on the other side of the end zone to maximize player involvement.
Drill submitted by: Brian Gillam
Sub category: Defense

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