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Playname: Strong side
Strong Side Breakout (same on either side)

1) LD passes to LW if he's open.  No panic passes!   No winding around the boards!

2) LW at hash marks.  Don't lean on boards.  Be ready to motor as puck arrives!  Explosive speed!

3) Center posts-up at far goal-pipe and prepares his timing for a sweep.  Object is to be in position for a 5-8 ft short pass from LW at the right time as arrow suggests.

4) RW is covering high slot ready to read-react as will be shown in a moment.

5) RD stays posted in front picking up the man "just in case".
Pass is made from LD to LW.

C is shown having made his loop ready for pass.

RW can move high (behind attacking D) either for an off-boards pass from LW or direct pass from LW or direct pass from C.

RD stays in front.
In this scenario, pass was made to C.

LW moves up boards for possible give and go.

RW moves up-ice for headman pass from C.

C can pass either way or skate out of zone if open ice.
In this case C passes to RW.

LW streaks up boards for headman pass.

RW can skate or headman to LW.

C must sprint to catch up.  In all likelihood, he will become a trailer as we enter the attacking zone.

D's move up ice cautiously as shown.
Play submitted by: FinsUp
Sub categories: Attack, Offense, Transition

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