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Neutral zone
Playname: Neutral zone regroup 1
After intercepting the puck LD passes to 3 to regroup on the neutral zone.
Upon getting pass, 3 can
- headman to 1 or 2 or, if pressured,
- drop back to RD or LD and regroup again.

Note that 1 is moving across center ice and 2 is moving up ice but at an angle toward center.
In this scenario 3 passes to 1 who now:

- can headman to 2
- can skate if has open ice
- can give back to 3 if he moves into position (as shown) fast enough.

Alternatively, 1 can pass back to RD or LD and regroup again.
In this scenario 1 passes to 2 who is cutting diagonally.

-1 follows behind 1 up left boards.  He will ultimately streak to net for pass, tip or rebound.

- 3 is cutting diagonally ahead of 2 for headman pass.

2 can pass to 3, pass to 1 if he's in position fast enough or skate over blue-line and make a play once in the zone.

If in trouble when over the redline, always chip it in (dump it) in a manner that 2 or 3 can win the race to the puck.

If we cannot, the "I" Fore-check formation should immediately be followed.

Once we enter the zone the first job is to get the puck to their house however we can and get a shot!!!   Non-shooters are following with sticks on ice looking for tips/rebounds.
Play submitted by: FinsUp
Sub categories: Transition, Attack, Offense

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