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Playname: 3 pylon delay
Set up the pylons as shown and have all of the players in one corner.

1. The first 3 players leave at the same time, but since they all have different paths to follow they will arrive one after the other. Once all of the players have gone, repeat the other way.

2. Player 1 - Goes straight to the net and takes a shot - no dekes - and gets ready for a deflection.
3. Player 2 - goes around the pylons as shown and shoots the puck low for the deflector and readies himself wide.
4. Player 3 - Goes around the pylons as shown and has the option of either shooting with the deflector or making the wide pass - have them make the wide pass when you first start the drill then give them the option.


- Players should all leave at the same time and be skating full speed.
- After they take their shot they have to be ready for the next players - they have a tendency of shooting and going to the corner so have a Coach there to remind them.
- Make sure that players take turns being Players 1, 2 and 3.
Submitted by: Dan Trepanier
Sub categories: Skating, Puck control, Shooting

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