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Playname: Break-out break-in 1
Players line-up as shown. Half of the team on the halfboards on one side, the other half of the team on the other side, facing into the corners. Two coaches are needed. One coach at the goal mouth and another at the center ice faceoff dot.

Players on one side have the pucks. First player in each line take off, cross behind the net and come out on opposite sides. Whichever players have the puck makes a pass to the coach at center ice. (Pass should originate no later than the hashmarks.)
Both players then cross behind the coach at center ice and come out on opposite sides expecting a pass. Whichever player receives the pass will immediately pass to the coach at the goal mouth. Both players will then cross again in front of the coach and come out expecting a pass. Coach will make a pass and the players will proceed down the ice on a 2-0.

Emphasize to players that they need to stay wide through the neutral zone on the 2-on-0.
Submitted by: Ben Hammock
Sub categories: Skating, Passing, Puck control

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