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Playname: D around the net
1 skates behind net.

1 passes around boards to 2 and then moves up centre ice.
• 2 dumps a quick pass to the breaking 1.

• 3 begins moving up on the left side.
• 1 moves puck up center lane.

• 2 breaks up right side as 3 continues up left.
• 1 passes to 3 while both are moving.

• 2 continues up boards.
• 3 carries puck to left circle.

• 2 begins to break to net.

• 1 pushes hard up center lane.
3 passes back to 1 and breaks to net.
1 takes a hard shot on goal as 2 and 3 crash net for rebound.
Players rotate positions and run drill again.
Submitted by: Eric Semmelmayer
Sub categories: Passing, Puck control, Skating

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