Hockey plays and drills
Puck control
Playname: Dots - protecting the puck
Players line up in opposite corners
- (half in each)
Goalie coach work with the Goalies

1.Players simply follow the pattern as shown while carrying a puck.

2. Control the puck towards the outside of the circle the player is skating as if you are protecting the puck from a defender.

3. Ensure that the players are starting along the boards (as shown with player 1 at the bottom) at one end and at the other end they are starting up the middle (as shown with player 2 at the top of the screen).
4. To increase the level of difficulty add coaches or players where the dots are and have them apply pressure (while standing on the dot) to the moving players.

Notes: protect the puck by controlling it away from the defender, use your body and legs to protect the puck .
Submitted by: Dan Trepanier
Sub categories: Stick handling, Skating

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