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Playname: Follow the pass
"Following your passes" results in a weaving pattern by the forwards that causes just enough hesitation by Opp D to open up space for our forwards.

When you SEND a pass (generally towards a wing), follow it to the side you sent it to.
When you RECEIVE a pass, start angling a little bit TOWARDS where it came from (usually towards the center).

In this example:
• C starts by passing to RW cutting ahead.
• C then follows pass to right, sliding behind RW.
• Once LW sees C pass to right, LW will start sliding over to provide pass support.
RW's cutting motion draws Opp LD into center and creates a hesitation. That leaves our C able to move to open space.

RW's plan is to get between defenders and crash the net.

Since LW will be 3rd skater in, she will slide to center and hang back at high slot.
Now that our LW has slid over, she also provides a back-pass option for C.

Notice that if our LW had simply kept cruising straight up the left boards to Position 1, she would be unavailable for a pass.
Opp LD is slow recovering. C has a lane towards net.
RW gets inside position on Opp RD.

Goalie is forced to move out to challenge our C.

C can shoot, using the flailing LD as a screen,
Hard pass/shot to her winger cutting to back door!
Submitted by: Glenn Sanders
Sub categories: Breakout, Skating, Passing

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