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Playname: Headman - continuous
Three Lines All Players, all lines with pucks

1. This drill continues until all of the players are at the other end.

2. Player 1 takes off as shown and receives a pass from player 2 and skates down and takes a shot.

Make sure players are receiving passes on their backhands when they are on their backhand.
3. Player 2 takes off right after making the pass and receives a pass from player 3 - goes in and shoots.

Players should try all 3 lines when the drill is repeated.
4. Player 3 takes off after making pass and receives a pass from player 1.


Make sure there are the same amount of players in each line.

A coach will have to make the final pass
Submitted by: Dan Trepanier
Sub categories: Skating, Goaltending, Conditioning

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