Hockey plays and drills
Playname: Mini break 1 on 1
• 6 or more players
• 1 goalie
• 2 pylons
• pucks

Setup as shown.

Defense skate the puck behind the net.
Defense fires the puck into the corner to send it up the boards then starts up the ice.

Forward comes back to meet the puck.
Defense skates around the near pylon and backs in to play the 1 on 1.

Forward carries the puck around the far pylon and skates in to play 1 on 1.
When the forward rounds the pylon the next defenseman starts.
Key points:
• Defense shooting it hard out.
• Forward coming back to the puck and controlling it.
• Defense pivot and gap control.

Variation full ice:
Start the drill at both ends with a whistle and have the forward attack the far net instead of curling back.  Defense really has to hustle out to get in front of the attacking forward who will have a lot more speed full ice.
Submitted by: Jim Dunlop
Sub categories: Puck control, Skating, Defense

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