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Playname: Neut zone lw lock
The Left Wing Lock is a trap designed to cut down on opponents space and create a turnover before the Red Line. (Can't dump in)

We start with opponent gaining the puck in their end, starting a breakout.
Arrows show where we go:
Our D slides over towards center, LW races back to become a "3rd" D on left side.

If the LW was too deep and got stuck in the corner or something, then C should go over to the left side, and the RW slides to center and pressures the passer

One forechecker (here, our RW) goes a little deeper to force breakout pass to go to Left side - this cuts the ice in half

The second forechecker (our C) is back as a second layer
Once in position, we're like an umbrella (shaded areas).

Deep forechecker (RW) is trying to force a bad first pass

Second forechecker (C) will pressure recipient of first pass and try to force a bad second pass into traffic in the neutral zone.
Deep forechecker starts coming back.

C pressures whoever gets the puck and starts clogging up their passing lanes

As RW gets back, she will further clog up passing lanes.

The idea is to force a bad pass, which will end up with one of the 3 back defenders.
The only way out of here for opponent is backwards!

This is the best-known way to beat this trap.
Now we'll look at how to escape a trap: One way to beat the trap is for the RW to stop, pass back, get a quick pass across to the other side and up to a wing breaking on the weak side.

If anyone ever plays a trap defense on us, this is what we would have to do.
Go to the far boards.

Weak side winger has to be alert and get out to open ice. The puck has to go back to the D in order to get around to her.

Now the race is on!
Submitted by: Glenn Sanders
Sub categories: Lock, Neutral zone

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