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Playname: Out of the corner
Attacker in the corner, with the rest of the group behind him.

Defenders on the middle line.

Attacker 1 places puck at defender 1.
(Skates after the puck)
Defender 1 stick handles the puck back on own half.
Defender 1 places the puck to defender 2.
(Skates to place of defender 2)
Defender 2 stick handles the puck into the attack.
Defender 2 places the puck in front of the goal for attacker 2.
(skates to place of attacker 2)
Attacker 2 places a shot at goal, or deflect shot from defender 2.
Attacker 2 skates to the group, group takes position of attacker 1.

Play this drill quickly (three pucks at one time going around) to give the goalie a good workout.
Submitted by: Erwin Oosterhoorn

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