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Playname: Out of the corners option 3
This is a two on one drill. It is designed to help with positioning and defense/attack of the net.

Set up:
Start with three lines at center ice. These lines represent two wingers and a defenseman. Pucks on one of the off-side face-off dots.

Coach dumps the puck into the corner.
The closest winger digs into the corner after the puck.
The opposite winger curves into position in front of the net.
The defenseman defends his goalie.
Players jockey for position.

Practice multiple options from here.
Option 3

Left wing skates behind the net for an unobstructed pass.

Right wing passes behind the net.
Right wing skates into position in front of the net.

Left winger passes back to the Right winger in front of the net.
Left winger breaks to the side of the net and looks for a pass or rebound.

Winger takes a shot.

Both players go for the rebound.

Finally they return to the next line.
Submitted by: Glenn Pare
Sub categories: Breakout, Passing, Skating

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