Hockey plays and drills
Playname: Positioning
Players line up as shown with the defensive players on one knee and with their stick turned around - butt end to the ice.

1. Coach will dump the puck in and the players on offense will get the puck and try to score and defensive players will cover their man.

Key: stop the play and explain to the kids whenever any player is out of position.
Players cover opposition as shown

2. RW and LW must position themselves covering the D's in between the D's and the puck - reducing the D's ability to receive a pass and/or keep the puck in.
3. RD - or player covering the puck carrier - applies pressure on the puck carrier keeping his position in between the puck carrier and the net - reducing the puck carriers ability to make a pass and get to the net.
4. LD and C - or players covering offensive players away from the puck - position themselves in between the player they are covering and the net - reducing their ability to receive a pass and to charge to the net.
5. When covering a player in front of the net positioning your self between him and the net is priority #1 and clearing them from in front is priority #2.
Submitted by: Dan Trepanier

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