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Playname: Quick tip
P1 with the puck enters the zone at half speed.

P2 enters at full speed.
P1 first looks for the pass.

1) Can I get a pass over to P2? Is the D blocking it?
2) Is the G cheating to the left side?
3) Is the G challenging my shot?

In #1 if the D is taking away your passing lane you should shoot for the far post (a rebound off the left pad could go right to P2).

In #2 you should take the shot - shoot to score, not for a rebound.

In #3 if the goalie is challenging you for some reason then as long you have the passing lane open, pass to P2.
Only pass this far away if P2 is a lefty. P2 can take the one-timer (there's a chance for a rebound so P1 needs to skate to the net).

If P2 is a righty P1 should wait a little longer until P2 can simply tip it in - use your judgment.
Submitted by: Cam Drury
Sub categories: Shooting, Breakout, Puck control

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