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Playname: Round the horn
This is a passing drill as well as a timing drill.

• Players line up as shown.
• Player 1 starts by passing to player 4.  He then skates out towards the blueline.
• Player 4 passes to player 3.  
• Player 1 continues, rounding player 4's position.
• Player 3 passes to Player 2.
• Player 1 enters the zone.
• Player 2 feeds player 1 with a pass.
• Player 1 shoots on net.
• Player 2 replaces Player 3.
• Player 3 replaces Player 4 and
• Player 4 goes to end of line.
• Player 1 goes to edge of crease
• Player 5 now starts the sequence again

Switch sides after 5 min.

You may have to place a coach at the edge of the crease to keep players focused on where they should be going next.
Submitted by: John Tremblay
Sub category: Timing

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