Hockey plays and drills
Playname: Sens shootout phase 2
Key Points:   HEAD UP
                   Puck Movement
                   Giving a pass
                   Accepting a pass
                   D to D

F1 passes a puck to D1 who makes a
D to D pass over to D2. D2 takes a HARD
shot on net.
F1 makes another pass to D1, as the puck is being passed from D1 to D2
F1 is curling around the circle to receive a short pass from D2.  F1 takes a quick shot on net , then drives to the net.
F2 who is next in line makes a pass to
D1 who then takes a HARD shot on net
while F1 is screening the goalie.
The coach then carries the puck behind the net and passes out to F1 who is waiting to one time the pass.
Submitted by: Shawn Arial

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