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Playname: Simple defensive zone breakout
Simple Defensive Zone Breakout

This is a simple drill to teach young hockey players proper positioning for breaking out of the defensive zone.

1.  The puck is on the strong side, Ld and C are battling Rw and C from the opposing team.  Note the proper positioning of the other players.

2.  Ld gains possession of the puck, begins breakout to the weak side.  At the same time, Rd drops behind the net to receive pass from Ld.

3.  Other players read the play and move into position.  Rw moves towards the boards, C and Lw begin skating up ice.
4.  Rd passes to Rw.  Ld begins to skate up ice, in front of the net.
5.  Rw immediately passes to C who is skating up ice.  Lw is also skating up ice.  Rd resumes the proper defensive position.  Both Rd and Ld also begin skating up ice.
6.  C headmans the puck to Lw, continues skating as does Rw.  Rd and Ld keep up with the play.
Submitted by: Shaun Bond
Sub categories: Breakout, Passing, Transition

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