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Playname: 1 on 1 - obstacle variation
Players line up as shown.

Basically you can set up any obstacle on the left hand side of the ice i.e. skating around cones, 360's around cones, jumping cones, pass to or from the corner before shot, pushups, sit ups etc. etc.
Then follow it with a shot and a pass from the corner into a 1 on 1.

1. F passes to Coach and receives puck back, after skating backwards around the circle.

2. F goes through the obstacle and receives a pass from the Coach in the corner.

3. D can also be made to perform pushups, sit ups, crab walk etc...
4. The F goes in on a 1 on 1 on the D.
Submitted by: Dan Trepanier
Sub categories: Offense 1 on 1, Defense 1 on 1, Skating

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