Hockey plays and drills
Playname: 2 on 1 - half ice
The forwards line up in a corner with the pucks.

The Defense line up near the goal.

On the whistle forward #1 skates with the puck followed by forward #2. #1 carries the puck to the farthest cone. #2 skates just past the blue line and stops.

Defense #1 skates forward to the closest cone.
Forward #1 carries around the cone looking to pass to forward #2.

Defense #1 skates around the cone transitioning to backward skating.

Forward #1 passes to #2.
Forward #2 carries the puck across the blue line followed by #1.

The defenseman plays a 2 on 1.

#2 passes back to #1 and drives to the net, while #1 takes a shot on goal.
Both forwards drive to the net looking for a rebound while defenseman #1 tries to defend against them.
Submitted by: Michael Diehr
Sub categories: Offense 2 on 1, Passing, Goaltending

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