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Playname: 2 on 1 backcheck
Players line up as shown on the boards side of the pylons

1. On the whistle, the F1 (backchecker), F2 and F3 (Offense) and D follow patterns.

2. F2 or F3 will receive pass from Coach in the corner.
Notes for the backchecker:

- until the red line pressure the puck carrier
- after the red line allow the D to handle the puck carrier and take away the passing option
- very important to stay with the check and not allow the extra attacker a chance to get a rebound or second chance at a goal

For the 2 on 1

Make sure players stay out of the pylon area in the neutral zone
This will give them necessary practice moving through the neutral zone with limited space
Submitted by: Dan Trepanier
Sub categories: Offense, Skating

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