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Playname: 2 v 0 break-in
This drill involves 2 or 3 passes (last is pass/shoot option) and two skaters at a time. The advantage over other drills is more skaters are moving, passes are shorter & more realistic (No pass of Death!), and fewer are standing in line.

Person behind net makes breakout pass to #1.
#1 carries puck out of zone and turns towards #2, who also is turning in.
As they near overlap, #1 will drop puck forward to #2, who carries puck down slot with option to pass or shoot. #1 should turn in and crash the net on the weak side, ready for pass or rebound.
After shot: #1 goes over to opposite side
#2 then goes behind net to pass out for next set, then on to line for original position #1.

As the first 2 players are making their turns at the blue line, next set start going.
#1 crashes the net for pass or rebound.
#2 chooses to pass.
#1 shoots.
Next pair is executing their crossover and come down the slot.
#5 chooses to shoot. #3 is crashing for a rebound.
Submitted by: Glenn Sanders
Sub categories: Skating, Passing, Goaltending

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