Hockey plays and drills
Playname: Breakout 1
Place the players and coach as shown. When the coach dumps the puck into the corner, players set up in their break out positions.

Center must watch very closely which corner the puck is dumped into. The center must swing into the opposite direction the puck goes in.

Why - When the puck gets dumped into the corner by the opposing team, that side becomes the strong side.
Always exit the puck to the weak side behind the net.

When the Ld goes behind the net he knows 3 things:

• He must exit the puck to the weak side;
• He can pass the puck to his partner behind the net; or
• He can send the puck along the boards of the weak side where the winger will be waiting.

The Rd should be behind the net ready to assist the Ld, not in front of the net.
Have the center and winger exchange passing lanes

This will give the Rd two players to pass the puck to.
Submitted by: Russ Wesley

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