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1/2 ice drills
Playname: Cycle - basic 3 player
Players and Pylons as shown

Pylons assist in creating a delay so the players cycling aren't bunched up - as their timing gets better you can remove the pylons

1. F3 chips it in and they all follow their patterns with F1 picking up the puck deep
2. F1 moves up the outside with F2 following and calling for the pass. F1 cycles it back to F2
3. Repeat until every player has cycled the puck and F1 should be the one who passes it out to F3 for a One-timer/quick shot

- Stress spacing and reacting to the cycle - they shouldn't just follow the pattern in a circle they should be following in order to fill the space and not getting too close.
Submitted by: Dan Trepanier
Sub categories: Skating, Passing, Spacing

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