Hockey plays and drills
Playname: D to d - 2 on 1
Players line up as shown

1. Forward passes to D and both forwards go to the net - one should stay wide for possible one-timer.

2. D makes D to D pass and D shoots or passes.

• Make sure if the Forward is setting up for a one-timer that they are on their off wing.
3. After the d shoots or passes he gets ready for a 2 on 1.

4. Forwards receive a pass from the line that didn't make the initial pass to start the drill.

• Start the drill over at any time if a bad pass is made.

• Make sure you do the drill on both sides of the ice for the same length of time.
5. Forwards go in on 2 on 1

• D practice staying in the middle with an emphasis on not allowing a late pass - try and make the puck carrier shoot.

• F practice creating width and/or depth in their attack.
Submitted by: Dan Trepanier
Sub categories: Shooting, Passing, Skating

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