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Playname: Flow passing
Players line up as shown in 1 of 4 lines - 2 players (9 and 6) are placed where they are to start off the drill.

This drill is continuous so everybody has to pay attention, be ready and know where to go.

1. After 6 and 9 take their shots they skate into the corner and pick up a puck and skate it up the boards up ice.

2. Players 5 and 7 have to time it properly and follow the pattern creating a passing lane.
3. While the pass is being made to 5 and 7 1 and 3 also have to time it and follow the pattern creating a passing lane to them - while not going offside.

4. The pass is made to 5 and 7 who must skate up ice and look for their pass.
5. The final passes are made to 1 and 3 and they go in for a shot.

6. Players making the passes go to the next lines up ice as shown.

This is all about timing, reading, reacting and execution.
Submitted by: Dan Trepanier
Sub categories: Passing, Skating, Timing, reading, reacting and

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