Hockey plays and drills
Playname: Pass - chase & flow
Key Points: HEAD UP, Puck Control, Passing while skating, Shooting while skating                   

Player 1 starts behind the net with a puck.  Player 1 skates with the puck around the net with his/her head up.
Player 2 now starts to curl off the boards with his/her head up looking for the pass.
Player 1 delivers the pass to Player 2, player 1 replaces player 2 in line. Quickly player 2 skates with the puck , crosses the blue line and IMMEDIATELY headmans the puck to player 3 who is cross ice. Player 2 then replaces player 3.
Player 3 carries the puck over the blue line with his/her head up and picks a spot and shoots on net. Player 3 replaces player 1 going the other way.
Submitted by: Shawn Arial
Sub categories: Passing, Puck control

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