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Playname: Passing for point shot and tip
Puck movement (passing), shooting and puck redirection.

Drill Setup:
Players line up at blue line on the boards. Player one is in the corner on the same side as the line of players. Player 2 is in the opposite corner and player 3 is at the blue line in the middle. Goalie in the net.
First player in line passes to player 1. Player 1 passes behind the net off the boards to player 2, then player 1 goes to the front of the net for the screen and tip puck from the shot on the goalie. Player 2 passes to player 3 at the blue line and player 3 shoot low on net for a tip. Then each player take the spot that they pass the puck. First player to 1, 1 to 2 and 2 to the blue line to 3rd spot.

By using forwards at the 1 and 2 spots and keep defense at the 3 spot, you can work on more position specific. You can also work on defensive coverage in front by have the shooter go to the net on defense after they have shot (but not on their own shot the next shot). This will benefit the goalie as well.
Submitted by: Russ Wood
Sub categories: Puck control, Shooting, Passing

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