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Playname: Shot-tip-1on1
Object here is to drive to the net, and get a shot away, set for a tip-in/screen shot from the point, then into a 1 on 1.

Player 1(circle) drives from the corner to the net with some resistance from triangle-1.  Drive/walk out and shoot.

(Note - this can progress to more and more resistance from the defender as well as more play involvement from goaltender)
Player circle-1 gets shot, then sets for screen shot from point.

Player circle-3 passes to point.

(Note, progression:  Player triangle1 can offer front-of-net resistance)
Screen shot from point.

Key points:
triangle stance
screen goalie
shot from point along the ice
Player 3 feeds pass to player 1 who breaks and plays 2 one on one.

bank pass off boards
one on one.
Note - this drill can be run (on the whistle) out of both ends of the ice, particularly if the pass is banked off the boards and the 1-on-1 is on halve the width of the ice.

Submitted by: John Tremblay
Sub categories: Shooting, Defense, Passing

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